The core assignment of the I&I Leuven is to further the development of entrepreneurial business activities based on knowledge and technology. To achieve this, I&I Leuven provides attractive facilities and support to young spin off companies and other knowledge and entrepreneurial based firms. Typically these firms are still operating in an uncertain market and technological environment, but seek to achieve a sustainable economic position within a reasonable time frame. They therefore need an appropriate location environment to focus on creativity and learning and on developing their core activities to evolve towards sustainable economic positions and results.
I&I Leuven is conveniently located in a unique spot at the campus Arenberg in Heverlee, Leuven, Belgium. This location signals that its tenants strive to achieve a symbiosis between quality, creativity, international openness and knowledge based sustainable economic growth. All dynamic knowledge based entrepreneurial business activities are in principle welcome
At the end of 2013 I&I Leuven accumulated 25 years of experience in providing support and flexibility to beginning companies and more than 60 companies have been nurtured.

Unique Features

Unique location
Start small
Multipurpose spaces
Expand easily
Favorable prices
All-in formula
Flexile subdesks
Cooperation with business centers